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General Dentistry

At Tri City Dental Care of Cerritos, we take a proactive approach to help you achieve and maintain your brightest and healthiest smile. Not only do we provide preventative and general dentistry services for patients of all ages in Cerritos, CA, and Los Angeles County. We educate each individual on the relationship between their oral health and general well-being. We utilize and combine the latest technology with decades of collective clinical expertise. If it’s time for a routine dental cleaning, examination, or if you have questions, our team looks forward to speaking with you.

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Care for Your Teeth & Maintain Your Smile

With our general dentistry services, our goal is to restore your teeth to their healthiest state. We also screen for cavities, oral cancer, and gum disease using advanced 3D digital X-rays. We personalize your treatment plan and provide cosmetic and implant dentistry services, or simply maintain what you have.
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Dental Cleanings in Cerritos, CA | Tri City Dental Care of Cerritos

Dental Cleanings

Dental X-Rays in Cerritos, CA | Tri City Dental Care of Cerritos

Digital X-Rays & Exams

Fillings in Cerritos, CA | Tri City Dental Care of Cerritos

Composite Fillings & Sealants

Handicap/Special Needs Friendly

We offer larger rooms for some of our wheelchair bound patients.

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Family Dentistry

We work with patients of all ages, including children. We’ll teach your child the importance of oral health and show them how to have fun while taking care of their teeth. We can also accommodate our services for patients aged 65 and above and help them feel comfortable every step of the way.

CEREC® Same-Day Crowns

With CEREC® same-day crowns, we create accurate impressions of teeth using 3D software, no more messy and bad tasting molds that can make you gag. Then, using the CEREC milling machine, we create ceramic restorations and place them all in the same day! With same-day crowns, you can spend less time in the dentist’s chair, get numb only one time, and feel more comfortable throughout the procedure.

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Creating & Spreading Health

At Tri City Dental Care of Cerritos, we provide our patients with the knowledge and resources they need to practice good oral hygiene. We’ll work closely with you to develop a thorough dental care regimen so you can maintain your healthiest smile and overall health. If you’d like to learn more about how to take proper care of your teeth, check out our dental resources.

Dental Cleanings & Exams

We’re committed to educating our patients and providing them with proactive preventative care. That’s why we make it a priority to thoroughly examine your teeth and mouth for plaque buildup, cavities, decay, and disease. When performing oral exams, we use 3D Galileos technology, digital radiographs, and VELscope technology to check your teeth, jaw, gums, and mouth for abnormal changes.

Emergency Dentistry

At Tri-City Dental Care of Cerritos, we are your one-stop dental office, meeting all of your family’s needs to achieve healthy smiles. We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with the latest industry advancements, including the newest digital equipment. Using these tools and technology, our doctors create crowns and bridges to help patients whose smiles have endured cavities, infection, or trauma. We help restore your dental health, creating smiles that are strong, functional and beautiful.



 A dental emergency is when you have a chipped tooth, a loose crown and or a mild toothache. Tri City Dental Care of Cerritos is one of the only dentists in the Cerritos area that is open for all your dental emergencies. Give us a call for same day treatment or to be worked in that same day. 


We offer Invisalign treatment to patients looking to correct their bites and have straighter teeth without the use of “traditional braces.”

Periodontal Treatment/Deep Cleaning

Periodontal disease is growing at nearly epidemic rates. This painful inflammation of the gums affects nearly 80% of adults in the US. There have been many studies linking periodontal disease to the likelihood of heart disease, kidney failure, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and stroke.

This is due to the inflammation caused by bacteria which invades the pockets in the gums around the teeth. These pockets can be an attractive environment for a bacterial colony to take hold. As the colony expands into billions of bacteria, they have the potential to cause inflammation. There is also a possibility of harmful bacteria entering the bloodstream. Harmful bacteria growing in the periodontal environment can even be inhaled, entering the system through the bronchial lining. Our immune system is designed to deal with these attacks, but with the strain of modern life, our immune system can use all the help it can get.

We can help to protect ourselves with removing this infection with deep cleanings and laser therapy. Regenerative Laser Therapy(RLT) and Laser Bacterial Reduction (LBR) are two new and modern ways to treat the bacterial infection living in our gums.

Laser Gum Treatment

Laser Bacterial Reduction(LBR) is accomplished by the hygienist using a non-cutting dental laser. The high intensity light energy of the laser is focused around the teeth and into the periodontal pockets during a regular cleaning. During a cleaning, there is a high potential for some bleeding, which will give the bacteria another potential entry point. When LBR is performed, most of the bacteria are killed, greatly reducing the strain on the immune system and making the cleaning safer.

Regenerative Laser Therapy(RLT) is a minimally invasive form of periodontal therapy to help treat moderate to severe forms of gum disease. It is a gentle solution that allows for removal of bacteria and diseased gum tissues from the periodontal pocket with little to no discomfort. RLT is performed with other non-surgical periodontal therapy such as Scaling and Root Planing and utilizes focused light energy to remove a thin layer of diseased gum tissue from deep pockets while cauterizing the area to minimize bleeding and possible bacteria from entering the bloodstream. The use of RLT in combination with Scaling and Root Planing allows for a much faster recovery period.

The benefits of Regenerative Laser Therapy and Laser Bacterial Reduction are many. They include reduced risk of cross-contamination within the mouth during cleaning and treatments, boosting the immune system, and an overall improvement to health. LBR also stimulates the periodontal tissues, making them more resistant to infection. We highly recommend that patients who are immunocompromised, currently have periodontal disease or who are at risk for periodontal disease to consider asking about the benefits of these laser therapies!

Sleep Apnea Treatment

While snoring may seem harmless, it can be indicative of a condition known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Obstructive sleep apnea causes breathing to stop during sleep. OSA occurs when a narrow airway passage obstructs a person’s ability to breathe properly and sleep soundly.

You may have obstructive sleep apnea if you suffer from:

  • Severe snoring & disturbed sleep
  • Headaches
  • Dry throat & nasal passages
  • Daytime fatigue
  • Impaired concentration, memory, & performance
  • Irritability, depression, or personality changes

We screen for sleep apnea by examining the mouth, jaw, nose, and the back of the throat. We treat sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy. If you’d like to learn more about sleep apnea treatment, reach out to us.

TMD/TMJ Treatment

If left untreated, teeth grinding can cause problems with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which connects the jawbone to the skull. Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) can impair the TMJ’s ability to move and eventually cause pain while someone speaks or chews food.

You may be a candidate for TMD/TMJ treatment if:

  • You grind your teeth at night
  • Experience clicking or popping sounds when you open your mouth
  • Have frequent headaches and neck pain
  • Tooth sensitivity

Genetics, arthritis, and injuries can also cause temporomandibular disorders. Our team can help you address TMD with oral appliance therapy. To learn more about our TMD/TMJ treatment, send us a message and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

“I have been coming here over 10 years and I am still very satisfied with their competency, professionalism, and service. They have a great staff!”
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