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Implant Dentistry

Losing your teeth can be a life-altering event. With dental implants, it’s possible to restore your smile to a strong and healthy state. At Tri City Dental Care of Cerritos, we’re committed to helping patients reinstate their confidence, oral health, and general well-being. We’re leaders of implant dentistry in the city of Cerritos, CA, and Los Angeles, and Orange County, because we take a proactive approach with all of our implant treatments. If you’re interested in learning about dental implants, same-day crowns, and restorative dental services, schedule a consultation appointment today.

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Missing Teeth

Dental Implants for Terminal Dentition

What are dental implants?

Missing teeth can change the way you talk and eat and even cause other health issues down the line. Dental implants are tiny titanium rods that are surgically placed in areas where teeth are missing. Over time, the implants naturally fuse to the jawbone. They preserve the shape of the face and prevent bone loss.

Are you a candidate for dental implants?

An implant candidate must have good oral and overall health, as well as enough bone in the jaw to support the implant. Implant patients must be willing to commit to conscientious oral hygiene. Implants require proper brushing, flossing and regular professional dental care.

What happens during a dental implant procedure?

For most patients, there are usually two surgical procedures involved with dental implants. During the first procedure, the implants are surgically inserted into the jawbone, where they’ll be able to eventually hold a tooth replacement or bridge.

Are dental implants better than dentures?

Dentures may seem like the go-to approach for missing teeth. But over time, a jawbone lacking natural teeth will start to shrink. Dentures will begin to slide, irritating gums. We now have the ability to use dental implants to help hold your dentures in place or even permanently stabilize a denture in your mouth.

If you’re looking for an effective and long-lasting solution to missing teeth, dental implants may be more beneficial. Our dentists can help you explore both options and help you make the best decision.

Are dental implants right for you?

You must be in good health to have dental implants. Certain medical conditions, like diabetes and heart disease, can interfere with the healing process. Your jaw and oral health must also be in good standing.

A complete examination and X-rays by your dentist will determine if you are a suitable candidate for dental implants. You must commit to a strict schedule of flossing, brushing, rinsing, and check-ups to keep them healthy.

What are dental implant crowns?

Dental crowns are porcelain caps that serve as prosthetic teeth. While they can cover and protect damaged teeth, it’s common to place them on dental implants. They can also hold dental bridges in place and cover areas where there are multiple missing teeth. We offer same-day crowns  - no more messy impressions or back-to-back appointments!

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